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Thursday, July 31, 2003:

So much has happened since last April, it would take a book to describe! H8R made its first successful tour to Southern California in June. SKITZO has played a bunch of kick-ass shows with Nate on bass. And ENSLAVIOR has begun a new recording. We started with the drum tracks and I've been pretty stressed over it. The results so far are encouraging and I posted a couple of teaser samples (out4.mp3 and rwbb.mp3).


Thursday, April 10, 2003:

I called Lance of SKITZO back and asked him what was happening for this weekend. Last time he'd called me, he said not to worry about booking a practice this weekend, that he had to figure out things with our new bass player candidate Nate (of the band PCP). Today Lance told me Nate's going to his place on Sunday instead of Saturday, not sleeping over, and they have a lot of "paperwork" to do (meaning writing down the bass tablature for Nate). So no practice for SKITZO this week (which is all the better because H8R can use that time to return to our regular practice schedule).

Then Lance mentioned we will need to arrange a practice with Kurt Houser (currently of the band STOMACH), since he will fill in on the Phoenix gig that Nate can't make. That's supposedly the "Darkness Tour" show on May 31st, though Lance accidenally called it the Northern Invasion Tour. (That was last year!) Nate can't make it because PCP is playing that same day in Merced.

Finally Lance brought up the "Night of the Living Dead soundtrack" project again. He hasn't mentioned this in months. And he asked if I'm still interested in recording for it and added that I would be under the microscope and dissection table, meaning he plans to take the drum tracks and then slice-and-dice them into songs on the computer. I reiterated hat I have no interest in recording under those circumstances and that I'm only interested in recording actual songs that we have composed before-hand. It's been close to a year since Lance first talked about this project and despite my urging, he hasn't written a single song.

I called Mark (formerly of Talisman--we talked last Saturday at the Roaring Twenties) and left a message. Nothing definite for the new project yet. And I hinted that one of our guitar player's been missing practices (Steve missed last week and this week) and we might need Mark to fill in on leads, if he's interested.

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