On Last Day, when the Old Allegiances are all but forgotten, the Dark Ones become remembered in the Crucible. Summoned by a spiritual entity, Hell's Portal opens wide, belches forth a spew of hopelessly caustic beyond physical harm, hissing ether. Let me introduce myself, my Mess: Hellsixnine... pure H69...

Laughter darkens a scorching wind, like nuclear fallout. Affected spirits howl and reel in anguish. Necronomos presents the plan: he strikes the order: "Gather the Unholy Armies of the Dark Knight. Heh heh... Fuckin' settle this debt,... return to work... Time to Rectify..."

Salts of the Earth foul XV's soul. He hates this place, not enough fire here! A geometric sphere, this awareness keeps him safe. Helzpawn is Gatekeeper at the Portal, one of many Better Off kept secrets...


The Possession Course rapidly re-infects All the Living. H69 ensures its work is done. Slayer of the Blood Contract... to Reveal the Sigyl, the enslaved rift surfed.

Sixty-nine Eighty-sixed bodies of impatient Bloody Blue-Balled Incus-Iccubi re-animate into the Colony doubleDemon. A Ligated, Singular, Psychic Vessel, The


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Dead Talk to and through their Necroscopic Possession.

"Riding with Captain D. is Bud..." says doubleDemon, "'You can't always get what you want, but if you try some times... you just might find... YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED!'"


Next, enter Helleton?

"Luberup Frankenstain!!!" the Darkest commands, "We've got a lotta purgin' ta do!!"

 (Kinda barren waste, right?...
Only ten years later...)

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