El Niño Logo El Niño brings to the world the realization of environmental restoration!

It is this power of the Earth's elements that is currently restoring the natural order which our human race has imbalanced during the twentieth century.

Thus, we bring you El Niño, the band--a musical tribute to our planet and the crucial role our human race continues to play in its history.

Our purpose is to entertain and alleviate the woes of the ill-begotten! May all humans reach out to others of their kind and strengthen one another in these times of duress.

Current, unusual trends in the weather already show a diversion from the normal patterns, unlike anything we have witnessed nor recorded in recent history. Our situation is the result of the Industrial Age and the pollution it has spawned in multiple arenas.

NOW is the time to adopt and maintain the newer (yet ironically also ancient) philosophies which will permit (and have always permitted) our race to continue living on this planet. The environmental changes we are already witnessing may be unstoppable--perhaps they will even snowball into the ideal conditions for a modern Ice Age!...

...Or are these stormy times merely a temporary cleansing--to us a "warning" from our environment? Do humans still have a chance to change their ways and return to a balanced, co-operative existance?

-by David Pierre Ostwald
June 8, 1998 (Ocean Day)