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Skitzo on Ripley's Believe It Or Not!



Well SKITZO does it again!

    Last year Lance Ozanix, leader of SKITZO made the appearance on Jerry Springer Show in Chicago that got Springer banned from the Canadian censor board. Simply put SKITZO is the band that does a green vomit ritual live on stage. Lance puked on some groupie on national TV and all hell breaks loose. This caught the eye of every media mongler in America and SKITZO later chose to be featured on Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Show. Lance was referred by none other that Jim Rose Curcus.

    It features Lance (vocals & vomit) and the band SKITZO (current line up-Dave Ostwald Drums, John Crowhurst Guitar, Kurt Houser on Bass and of course the puke groupies: the amazing Sunny Delight and lovely Octavia. This will be the top segment on the show which airs January 2001 any given Wednesday night. You may check back at our web site for show times soon ( This Ripley's episode will focus on Lance's amazing talent and will have some very intimate interviews with family members, groupies and band members.

    You will see Lance perform at a wedding as he vomits on the bride & groom as a part of their consummation of their marriage. See a live SKITZO show in action (safe at home) as the demonic singer spews showers of green slime on to his devoted crowd and last but not least Lance creates "Barf Art"... He pukes on art canvasses and sells them to underground galleries. You will see this and more on Ripley's Believe It Or Not! January 2001. TBS Turner Broadcasting System. Every Wednesday night. Check times on the SKITZO web site or email


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