It was the year 2000 A.D. for some. Christians all over the planet fought over who would control the world during the decade of their great Messiah's return. They would do anything to maintain this control. The Earth's governments became despotic and macabre.

 At first, it seemed only one, arcane force stood a chance of bringing them down: K.A.I.N.. Yet as the new millennium approached, a rift developed within the very core of the rebels' group--it was infected with the same plague of single-minded dictatorship it meant to oppose!
 The rebels were steered in the wrong direction, instructed to act against their natural wills and given false instruction. To set them up for a fall, imposters purposefully insisted they perform their once-inspired music in ways contrary to their abilities. They were coerced into changes that were obvious regressions, then blamed for having altered things for the worse. All this cast them into public disfavor, and the members soon disbanded for the sake of their essential cause.

 Whatever happened next would determine the fate of that small, blue-green planet called Earth and its human race. Would individual freedoms survive the onslaught of the 2k-Tyranny?...

 In a remote and unknown region, there soon emerged a new group from the depths of the musical underground "scene". It's name is ENSLAVIOR, a word coined to symbolize the enslavement of humanity to the false Christ, its society, over-hyped technology, indulgence with drugs, over-rated sexuality, and obsession with money. This group brought a message to its audience: "Become aware of the freedoms you have been promised and how they have been removed by the very same entities which promised them! Live your life as it is meant to be! Hold onto the freedoms with which you were born and find the truth in your lives!"

 Oddly enough, these were the same ideals the corrupt Christians were supposed to have espoused!...


 Then came Daytura--a small group of commandos who took it upon themselves to fully initiate the revolution against this Twenty-First Century of corruption and greed. They worked many, long hours in a secret, poorly-lit studio, surviving on the simplest of rations. They feverishly trained themselves into a hard-hitting, rapid-fire squadron that injected pure fear into the domain of the "False Christian" despots.

 Now it was becoming clear the revolution had begun. As Daytura became the scouting troop (to reconnoiter new territory in which ENSLAVIOR can prevail) the action commenced...

 Among the many who emerged, to promote our human race's cause for liberty, one in particular struck Ultimate Fear & Terror in the darkened, bitter hearts of those evil: HELL69. The wrong-doing "False Christians" mistook Hell69 for being a pseudo-satanic group, but this was their greatest mistake. Even so-called "Satanists" rejected the words of Hell69. This was easy to understand. Hell69 had recognized how so-called "Satanic" cults were misled by the "False Christians" themselves, and how "Satanism" was merely another branch on the rotting tree of "False Christianity" (as differentiated from "True or Original Christianity", which had gone "underground" two-thousand years ago, during the times of the Roman Empire).

 Much transpired, and eventually COVEN13 created its own "invisible" entity.

COVEN13 quickly learned how biological information-vectors called "viruses" exist everywhere, in everything on their Planet Earth. These "Viri" abound even greater in number than any cells of bacteria, plant, fungi, fish or mammal combined!

What 13 learned, to their great surprise, and even greater relief:

 Most of the viri in the Human environment actually protect these humans!

The mistake in the past:

 People hadn't looked for good viruses, having pre-judged them all, as being "bad".

 Once their "True Eyes" opened, COVEN13 members SAW HOW MANY Beneficial Viri had fully protected them in the past, and how many continue to keep them alive - even to THRIVE!! - via simple, genetic trigerring mechanisms.

 In The END: those who perished had forgotten about Love. Their lust for war and failure to remember their love in Life spelled their ultimate demise. They would have to go through the anguish and pain of Rebirth, until they finally found True Love exists ALWAYS + EVERYWHERE, even within Themselves!

 Born of the Union between Wākea Sky and Papa Earth, Kāne brings radiant life-giving energy to the World. Out from the subterranean, dead mud of the subconscious, all "eyes" awaken by Kāne. This "hole in the sky" provides the link between conscious and superconscious realms. It frees all life from the lonely terror of false, temporary mortality. All Spirits feel the pull upwards into its most powerful gravity, their only true destiny.

- 2k-Tyranny -