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Sonoma Metal Underground scene


Basically what we're doing is giving the story of Metal from a musician's point of view--from being in it, to doin' it, and growing up with the bands that are still fucking around.

This web site is to help a lot of Metal sites and also show that this area (Sonoma Valley, Northern California) has an established, current Metal base with bands that are tight, that are hot, that are up-and-coming, and they're young and fresh, and then some of them are old fucks too! That are in the younger bands...

Like Scott the drummer for Dorsal. He's the old man, 47. The other dudes in the band are all in their late twenties, but they're fuckin' tight, and he loves the fuck out of 'em. And he's been-there-done-that, all that shit. Dorsal still plays. Scott (not the original drummer) joined a couple years ago, and then their whole style got fuckin' tight. They're funk, hip hop, jazz and rock. They do it all, man. A little bit o' Metal in there too. Their lead singer is phenominal--he plays the sax, dances, everything.

Even though the web site is the Story of Metal, there are bands here that aren't Metal bands, but play and have the Metal cuttin' edge in their guitar work, or they got the heavy drum beat in the style, or... Would you call Stomach Heavy Metal? Or more like Modern Metal or Progressive Metal or kinda' Groovy Metal? Or does Stomach remind you of Oingo Boingo, Danny Elfman and company? That's why you like Jud (Stomach's lead singer and guitar)--he's a fuckin' nutcase, just like Danny Elfman is. He does all the antics. He's fuckin' crazy, man. Stomach definitely belongs in the Current Bands listing.

We try to get everything we talk about (mostly while the tape's runnin') on this site. With some editing--we got some main points to cover. We gotta' get this shit out there, man!

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